5 New Years Money Resolutions

Senior Couple Walking Along Winter BeachMoney matters are often the focus of New Years Resolutions, as we attempt to make positive changes and create better habits. The following five changes may seem small, but at the end of the year you might be surprised at how much money you’ve saved!

Skip the coffee. Buying that cup of coffee on your way to work every morning can add up to a small fortune by the year’s end. For example, a $4.30 latte can amount to over $1,200 over one year! If your workplace offers free coffee, take advantage of it. You might also consider purchasing a travel mug and brewing your own at home.

Spend less on gas. Share your daily commute with someone else, and you’ll each cut your gas expenditure by 50 percent! Add another driver to the rotation and you’ll save even more. Aside from saving on gas, rotating car use with another person can cut back on expenses like oil changes and tires. Car pooling can also be fun, as you have someone to chat with during long traffic jams.

Pack your lunchbox. It’s probably no surprise that you end up spending quite a chunk of change on daily lunches when you opt for restaurant meals. Plan your lunches ahead of time each week. If you pack healthy lunches, you might also be supporting another New Years resolution.

Cancel your cable subscription. If you’re like most people, you’re paying for a hundred or more channels that you rarely watch. Your favorite shows are probably available online, or on a streaming service like Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Hulu. There’s no need to pay for cable if you have a good internet connection.

Don’t renew memberships you rarely use. How often do you actually go to the gym? Most likely, you can get just as much exercise by walking or biking around your neighborhood. And once again, the internet comes in handy, because there are thousands of free workout videos available on YouTube.

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